This is our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, and we are inviting our family — siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and their children & spouses to join our celebration. We are having an open house at each location.  Come and leave as you wish. Here are the names of persons planning to attend. Mary Jo’s side of the family is in green.  Bob’s side is in red.

Saturday, August 19, in Long Beach, Califiornia 12 Noon-6 pm GUESTS  • Steve, Kathleen, Emmett, Kelli Rose, & Mikey Normand (CA), Angela & Greg Sawyer (CA), Jo Flannery (CA), Geoffrey Pardo & Cassandra Gonzales (CA)

Saturday, December 16, in Hagerstown, Maryland 12 Noon-6 pm GUESTSSteve & Ula Wilhelm (OH), Astrika & Jake Adams (VA),  Sally Johnston & Trey Dobbie (MD), Susan Thomas (NC), Nancy & Jeff Johnston (MD), Danny & Cyndi Kelly (MD), Margaret & Chris Murphy (MD), Dennis & Cindy Flannery (MD), Max, Cathy & Joe Kelly (MD),

Saturday, February 17, in DeLand, Florida, 12 Noon-6 pm GUESTS • Patty & George Ziringer (PA), Nancy & George Forsyth (NY), Billy & Debbie Kennelly (PA), Danny & Cyndi Kelly (MD), Kathryn Mary & John Moran (PA), Heather Kennelly (FL), Meghan Milletello & Kevin Kelly (SC),

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