The Adventures of Brendan


Chapter One:  Three Kings 

                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Here we are!” cried Brendan as he burst through the door of his aunt’s house.

“Brendan!  Jack! I’m so happy to see you.  Come in.  Merry Christmas.”  Aunt Jo turned to their mother and said, “I’m so glad you came to visit.”

“Where is Cinnamon Bear?” asked Brendan immediately.  Cinnamon Bear was a small brown stuffed bear with a broken music box inside him.  Most times, Cinnamon Bear sat in Aunt Jo’s rocker.  

“He’s not in the rocker!” cried Brendan.

“Can you find him?” asked his aunt.  

Brendan looked in the kitchen.  “Just soup cooking!”  said Brendan.

Brendan looked in the bathroom.  “Just soap!” said Brendan.  “Now where could that bear be, I wonder?”  

Jack, his little brother, pointed to the bedroom.  

“There he is,” cried Brendan.  Cinnamon Bear was sitting on his aunt’s bed.  “Cinnamon Bear, come on.  Let’s play.  You play, too,” Brendan commanded his brother and his mother and his aunt.

"What do you want to play?” asked his aunt.

“Kings!” cried Brendan in a very loud voice.

“How do we play?” asked Aunt Jo.

“Cinnamon Bear is The Baby Jesus.”  Brendan pointed directly at Cinnamon Bear.   Aunt Jo took Cinnamon Brear from the middle of her bed and handed him to Brendan.

Brendan held the small brown bear in his arms as if Cinnamon Bear were a real baby boy.  Brendan carried Cinnamon Bear to the living room where his mother and his brother, Jack, waited.  Brendan placed Cinnamon Bear in an Indian basket.  He put a small towel over Cinnamon Bear and gently settled the woven basket on his mother’s lap.

“You’re The Mother, Mary” said Brendan to his mother.

Then Brendan and his brother, Jack, put Uncle Bob’s golf balls in Aunt Jo’s Hawaiian Koa wood bowls.

Brendan said, “Jack and I are the kings.”

“Who am I?” asked his Aunt Jo.

“You are the Father, Joseph” said Brendan.

“Okay,” said his aunt.  “Now what?”

“We play Three Kings,” said Brendan.

Jack held up two fingers.

“Two Kings!  That’s right, Jack.  Where is the Third King?” asked his Aunt Jo.

But Brendan and Jack were gone, down the hall.  Then Brendan and Jack held their bowls of golf balls up over their heads.  They walked slowly down the hall towards the living room.  Silently, from out of the closet, came the yellow cat, Nutmeg.  She walked behind Jack.

When Brendan and Jack and Nutmeg came to Mother Mary and Cinnamon Bear, Brendan said, “Here, Baby Jesus, these gifts are for you.”  

Jack just held out the bowl for he was still young and did not talk.

Nutmeg bowed down in her catlike way.

Oh, then, to everyone’s surprise, the broken music box inside Cinnamon Bear played six notes. 

“It’s almost as if Cinnamon Bear wanted to talk,” said his aunt.

“Well, he did talk,” said Brendan.

“What did he say?” asked his aunt.

“Baby Jesus said, ‘Let’s play again,’” said Brendan.  “Come on Jack.  You too, Nutmeg.” 

And so they all played Kings again and again until it was time to eat their Christmas seafood chowder.                                                                                                                                 

Mary Jo Kelly Wilhelm 2017