Jason's Corner

Let's start this blog with breakfast on the morning of our 43rd wedding anniversary at Jason's Corner, Historical 135 Canal Street in Central Florida near the end of the year 2010.  We drank fresh  hot coffee as we sat in the sun and The Professor read aloud about the St. Johns River. Sun sweet, sun ripe, sun shine.  Sinatra sang 'Let It Snow.'  It was nearly Christmas.  A little girl in a pink tutu twirled around an old couple who tottered by, leaning on each other.  Breakfast served outside:  Traditional eggs benedict - yellow orbs on an English muffin with Canadian ham rounds, homemade yellow hollandaise sauce and cubed hashed potatoes on the side.  Two glasses of fresh orange juice, of course.  Golden liquid, sun juice, orange juice, bright lemon yellow, red juice, sweet-wake-me-up-sour Florida orange juice.  The child in the pink dress cried as if her heart was broken.  The next set of old people used walkers and oxygen tanks.  A young couple walked arm-in-arm, in love, eager, sweet, so sweet, eager sweet love.  Forty three years.  Oh, yes.

Jason's Corner Historical 135 Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach, FL; 386-424-9878; Fax 386- 424-9812;  www.jasonscorner.com Breakfast and lunch Mon - Sat 7:30 - 3:00 Sunday 7:30 - 2:00 Dinners:  Tuesday and Saturday 5:00  pm 9:00 pm 

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